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The name of the band Kaddisfly comes from a play on the name of the moth caddisfly.

The caddisfly moth is a small night butterfly that attacks woolen clothing as well as fur. It is a flying insect that is harmful when it seeps into the house through her ??diet, outside it does not cause much of a problem and just plays with the wind.

The moth lays its eggs in July and August, and the eggs hatch in September. To prevent moths attacking your clothes, it is best to air them, wash and washing cabinets also shortly before this period and thus eliminate the mites, eggs or larvae.

The moth does not like strong smells. Lavender flowers placed in the linen closet will make them flee far away.

The cedar also smells repulsive for the mite, but retains its scent for only one season, it is important to rub it with oil of cedar to restore its smell. Do not gamble with moths, it is better to be safe than sorry, so take precautionary measures to avoid this issue.

We can even drop in the chest or cabinet a piece of cedar wood, this is sufficient to repel caddisfly moths. Do not bluff a moth, make sure cedar wood is really smelling enough to repel them.

There are of course the moth ball or naphthalene, which is so excellent as repellent and anti-mites. A ball in a drawer is sufficient to protect your clothes, but it also gives them the smell of moth balls and some people do not like this chemical smell. Do not try to play or bluff these moths, just get rid of them early.