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It's been a while and I must say that we looked forward to this third Kaddisfly album as we loved their debut album, 'Did You Know People Can Fly', as well as the second one 'Buy Our Intention; We'll Buy You a Unicorn'.

Since their inception, two EPs, but rather neo-oriented where they already betrayed a willingness to explore other musical horizons, the band has evolved into a group a little less angry, but a sincere and original melting pot of influences that provides them with a unique sound. This new album, the name just as delusional 'Set Sail the Prairie', was released on Hopeless Records while Kaddisfly are quite different from the more general style of the punk label.

Their alternative rock music has not changed diametrically on this new album, but it was extended by a new sound for modern rock and sophisticated bursting of jazz and funk elements but infested with emocore and metalcore sometimes. The five members of Kaddisfly take a very personal approach, we are here far from the clichés of the current scene. In fact, I compare them even if their music is very different because they share a similar vein, an arty side without barrier, and this ability to combine accessibility and musical research.

This album exudes a nuanced joie de vivre, not a moronic style with no zest for life reflection on the pop-punk. Some good titles enjoyment, energetic and happy, put directly in a relaxed atmosphere, for example with large embellished with groovy bass arpeggios.Without falling into a virtuoso demonstration, the four musicians skillfully master their instruments, the rhythm is always rich and lively, with a powerful rock fervor, it supports various structures and constantly changes. They also often go into jazzy or funky trips, this aspect is reinforced by some keyboards plays recalling a lot of seventies progressive bands like Yes, but only bit by bit, their sound never leaving modern and nostalgic tunes. I love the scratch effects and in particular the delay, they stick around, it becomes even a feature, the riff in the clear with the delay Kaddisfly, and it is all the more significant that there is always more layers of guitars, the arrangements generally being developed in depth.

The voice is probably what is more pop in the group, a particular voice, which from time to time is in falsetto and is usually quite sharp, clear and limpid, with a pronounced emotional side, sometimes even be too slick and pervasive, but it always adds an undeniable touch to each piece. Kaddisfly is very versatile on this album, and understandably the more easily it has 15 real pieces (no interludes, intros or unnecessary beaches), which is quite huge and unusual. We can therefore move from a "Osmosis in C," which recalls what is the funkiest of early Incubus ("Summer Romance"?) Spin Doctors or even a pop song embellished with piano, " What Comes of Honesty "and a scathing metalcore equally surprising," Akira "may remind some Thrice with his palm in riffs and harmonies mutting guitar doubled. But 15 titles for 67 minutes, it's perhaps a bit much, impossible to grasp at once, and some parts may be less interesting than others. The group wanted to cast a wide net but at the risk of boring some, reluctant to casseroles or metal instead sweetened with watery eyes.

These guys were not always successful and they even had to do small jobs in construction and waste removal just to make ends meet at some point when they were really short on cash. It is not easy to become a rockstar and at the beginning most bands have financial difficulties to go through.

Finally for me, this album is nonetheless a pure collection of titles, and Kaddisfly gave an experimental rock album that will mark the genre. Between the securities and other efficient melodic experimental group is more versatile and daring, fans will love it. Note that the album is really cheap on the Amazon market place, like The Beatles or other rock oldies.

Did you know that the Beatles first became internationally famous when they played in New York City. The story says that Paul McCartney had a huge toothache the day of his first concert, which was on a Sunday. So they were looking frantically for a dentist in New York and it seemed none was working, until they finally came across an old Hungarian who fixed him in no time. This night was a triumph for Paul.

But after that they travelled all over the world. At some point they had a few concerts in Missouri and we can tell there was some cleaning in Kansas City to be done after they left. Some of their fans were very dirty and did not care of the junk and debris they made all around them. It required a dumpster just to remove all the waste.

A bit later on they settle down in Chicago, after buying a beautiful duplex with a great view of Lake Michigan. There was even a sandy beach down their building, but they could really only enjoy it during the Summer, as the rest of the year is really chilly in Chicago. It was a time when you could make good deals in the local Chicago real estate market, and they got a great bargain when they acquired this luxurious property. Chicago has still a lot of potential and the beauty of it is the proximity to nature around Lake Michigan.

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